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3.5 Stars
Mad Maudlin

Mad Maudlin by Marie Brennan


Interesting short story that went a different direction than I originally thought it would. The story might continue well as book if done right.  

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3.5 Stars
A Rumor of Angels

A Rumor of Angels by Dale Bailey. 


Cool short story.  I liked the writing very much.

2 Stars
The Amber Room



The Amber Room: A Novel by Steve Berry (audiobook) 




I had hoped this would be cool and mysterious with lots of intrigue.  Unfortunately, I just found it stupid.  


3 Stars
The Second Ship



The Second Ship by Richard Phillips


Good Alien, Bad Alien


There is a little bit of everything in this book.  This was obvious but not necessarily distracting.   This book will not become one of my favorites and I am not sure that I will read the follow-ups; I did enjoy myself and was entertained.  



4 Stars
Song of Susannah (The Dark Tower VI)



Song of Susannah (The Dark Tower VI) by Stephen King (audiobook)




I am just loving this series.  I did think "uh-oh" when I got to the place where King includes himself as a part of the narrative but... it worked.  Anyway, one more to go but I will likely wait because I want the anticipation to grow some.  

Reading progress update: I've read 180 out of 345 pages.


Reading progress update: I've read 110 out of 345 pages.



The Second Ship by Richard Phillips   


So far, so good.



Hurry! change it.

Started listening to the audiobook of Dust (A Scarpetta Novel) by Patricia Cornwell got about 15% into the first disk.  Nope!!!!!!  No review, no stars, just nope. 


Switched to the audiobook of Song of Susannah (The Dark Tower, Book 6) by Stephen King.  Now that's much better.

Get to do some reading tonight with the sound of the ocean in the background. 



2 Stars
The Ghost of the Mary Celeste



The Ghost of the Mary Celeste: A Novel by Valerie Martin (audiobook)




I was so hopeful.  But, here's how it went: Interesting...tedious...totally anticlimactic with no payoff.   I hate abandoning books but have done so recently so I stuck it out with this one. Probably should have gone with option 1.

3.5 Stars



Vicious by V. E. Schwab 




Seems like it took me forever to finish this book. More to do with me than the book. I seem to have a January through March lull in my reading. Anyway, this was interesting.  Couple of small plot holes but overall a fun and fast paced read. Starts off somewhat deep and then turns action and races to the end. 



1.5 Stars
Threat Vector



Threat Vector by - Tom Clancy, Mark Greaney (audiobook)


Abandoned at 50%. I was terribly bored. 

The Book Thief - The Movie



Ok, so they tried and the acting was really good - you know Geoffrey Rush. But....



Reading progress update: I've read 206 out of 364 pages.


3 Stars



Tatiana: An Arkady Renko Novel by Martin Cruz Smith (audiobook)


The story was okay - a bit choppy.  Mostly I like Arkady's character and his non-assuming way of being a smart-ass.   




Reading progress update: I've read 159 out of 364 pages.
VIcious - V.E. Schwab

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