The Humans: A Novel by Matt Haig




"To like something is to insult it. Love it or hate it. Be passionate. As civilization advances, so does indifference. It is a disease, immunize yourself with art. And love."


"Shame is a shackle. Free yourself."

"Sometimes, to be yourself you will have to forget yourself and become something else. Your character is not a fixed thing. You will sometimes have to move to keep up with it."
I was and am still intrigued by this book and not yet sure what to decide about it.  There could have been so much more but I'm not sure that it would have really been necessary and would  likely have morphed the story into something very different and diffused the message.
The book takes on large themes both real and imagined and deals with them on a small tableau.  In other words, the book makes a mole-hill out of a mountain.  It was was funny, sad and thought-provoking and, in parts, all three at the same time. 
I found the book an easy and enjoyable read.  Additionally, the book is an absolute quote mine with very thought stimulating gems spread throughout.