Doctor Sleep: A Novel - Stephen King (Audiobook)




Most would agree, whether film or print based, that the first of King's Shining duo is a modern classic at least in its genre.  While I doubt that the second will obtain to the same status, I nonetheless enjoyed Doctor Sleep a bit more or maybe it is better to say that I enjoyed it differently. Though the scenery and supporting characters change, the books essentially tell the same story - a child facing overwhelming evil and a grown man facing soul crushing sickness.  In the first I rooted, hoped and wished for the child to survive; in the second I rooted, hoped and wished for the man to be better, to overcome, to win.  And that, for me, was the real the difference in my enjoyment of the books: the winning - the striving to be a better man, of not becoming prey to your history.  


By way of bookstore button insight, I previously wrote of The Shining that a book should not be judged by its movie.  I think I should add to that and say that a sequel should not be judged by its predecessor.  Sometimes they are better or the same in a different way.