"Sanity? You want to know what sanity is. Sanity is the thick soup of distraction we immerse ourselves in to keep from remembering that we're gonna bite it. Every opinion and taste and order you place for brown mustard instead of yellow mustard is just a way to keep from thinking about it. And they call our ability to distract ourselves sanity. So when you get to the end, and you forget whether you prefer brown or yellow mustard, they say you're going nuts. But that isn't it. What's really going on is this. In those little senior moments of clarity, when your head is flipping back and forth between brown and yellow like a tennis match on fast forward, and you suddenly pause, you find yourself undistracted. And it happens. You look straight across the net at all the other people trying to choose between brown and yellow mustard and . . . there he is! At the seat in center court! Death! He's been there all along! Mustard on the left and right, distractions everywhere, and Death straight ahead. It hits you like a swinging vat of onion soup."


Norwegian by Night by Derek B. Miller 

Page 95